Professional Scientific & Technical Consulting Services

Providing professional scientific and technical classroom and hands-on training specific to law enforcement and counterterrorism. Offering subject matter expertise in explosives, bombings, post-blast investigations, fire origin & cause, arson investigations, fatal bombing/arson death investigations, crime scene and major case investigations, and financial fraud with some aspects of terrorism financing including a Master's in Fraud & Forensics.  Having numerous years of experience and training related to interviewing/interrogations/ surveillance/informants, as well as instructor development and training program management at the ATF National Academy, FLETC Georgia, with FLETA certification.

COMING SOON:   Jennifer has written of her early law enforcement career adventures, BECOMING FIRE, A Memoir.  

https://www.aetv.com.  A&E Undercover: Caught on Tape, Season 1, Episode 10, Money, Murder, and Malicious Intent, March 2024. ATF Agent Jennifer (Clarke) Eskew poses as a hitwoman to investigate a possible murder for hire. 

Anatomy of Murder Apple Podcast - Wrong Man (Eugene Elliott Dickerson) A young man is gunned down soon after the town's big high school basketball game. An officer plays an unexpected role in untangling the mystery. 

https://www.peacocktv.com. Snapped Killer Couples, Season 6, Episode 1, Stephanie Molino and Coty Young


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