Providing professional scientific and technical classroom and hands-on training specific to law enforcement and counterterrorism. Offering subject matter expertise in explosives, bombings, post-blast investigations, fire origin & cause, arson investigations, fatal bombing/arson death investigations, crime scene and major case investigations, and financial fraud with some aspects of terrorism financing including a Master's in Fraud & Forensics.  Having numerous years of experience and training related to interviewing/interrogations/ surveillance/informants, as well as instructor development and training program management at the ATF National Academy, FLETC Georgia, with FLETA certification.

COMING SOON:   Jennifer has written of her early law enforcement career adventures, BECOMING FIRE, A Memoir.  

Jennifer's MEDIA APPEARANCES:  A&E Undercover: Caught on Tape, Season 1, Episode 10, Money, Murder, and Malicious Intent, March 2024. ATF Agent Jennifer (Clarke) Eskew poses as a hitwoman to investigate a possible murder for hire.
Anatomy of Murder Apple Podcast - Wrong Man (Eugene Elliott Dickerson) A young man is gunned down soon after the town's big high school basketball game. An officer plays an unexpected role in untangling the mystery. Snapped Killer Couples, Season 6, Episode 1, Stephanie Molino and Coty Young


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